Selecting the right sports flooring means exploring specific requirements.

Sports surface solutions from Tarkett Sports are in daily use in numerous sports halls and facilities all over the world. Their role is to support every individual in their daily sports or physical activity, offering the right balance of safety, comfort, performance and aesthetic attributes.

As part of the Tarkett Group, Tarkett Sports benefits from the industry’s largest portfolio of flooring solutions, matching the technical specifications of the different areas of any project with a comprehensive choice of vinyl, linoleum, wood and combined surfaces.

Selecting the right sports flooring means exploring specific requirements, from playing performance, shock absorption, acoustic insulation, ease of installation and ongoing maintenance to the aesthetic design of sports courts. Tarkett’s aim is to help their customers design and create the ultimate sports experience.

For school halls and leisure centres, Tarkett’s multi-purpose vinyl sports surfaces, Omnisports, offer 32 new colours, as well as a full set of matching accessories. The range offers five thicknesses to satisfy varying degrees of performance – among them two products Omnisports Reference & Omnisports Excel are compliant with the sports standards EN 14904. Ideal for multi-sports halls, its safety and resistance requirements are adapted to all levels of sports and to different user profiles.

Regarding sustainability, Omnisports beneficiate from Tarkett Phthalate-free technology while their TVOC emissions are 10 times lower than European requirements, reducing the risk of asthma and allergies. 100% recyclable, the product when installed with GreenLay – 98% adhesive free, participates into a reduced environmental footprint for your global project.  

Safe & performing for users, Omnisports is also the best choice for installers and building owners: GreenLay unique loose-lay installation method can cut off 20% installation time compared to standard glued installation while maintenance costs are decreased by 30% due to Tarkett’s TopCLEAN surface treatment.