Specifying a premium product for premium results

by Darren
Specifying a premium product

Specifying a premium roofing product is easy – here are the specifications.

Manufacturing excellence

Specifying a premium product1• Trademarked Zincalume® steel with proprietary surface treatment and first in producing 55% Al-Zn coating technology (1976) with minimum AZ150.
• Almost 50 years in producing COLORBOND ® steel (since 1966)
• BlueScope designs its own paint system in conjuction with the paint company (paint systems are propriety to BlueScope steel).
• COLORBOND ® has been sold in South Africa since 1998 and is regarded as the premium prepainted product available in South Africa.
• The only manufacturer (since 1996) complying to Australian Std (AS ); Malaysian Std (MS ),
• SABS approved.

Specification for Clean Colo rbond® steel
0.53mm TCT in Clean COLORBOND ® steel, metallic coating AZ150 (minimum 150g/m² coating mass), Grade G550 (minimum yield strength 550 MP a), super polyester paintsystem, 25um on topside and 10um on reverse side.
Fasteners to comply with Australian Standard Class 3 or 4.
Flashing or ridge capping should be manufactured from the same material as used for the roofing.

Specification for Zincalume®
0.53mm TCT in ZIN CALUME ® steel resin coated, AZ150 (minimum 150g/m² coating mass), Grade 550 (minimum yield strength of 550 MP a).
Fasteners to comply with Australian Standard Class 3 or 4.
Flashing or ridge capping should be manufactured from the same material as used for the roofing.

There is simply no similar or equivalent product to ZINCALUME® or Clean COLORBOND®

Specifying a premium product3

Clean Colorbond® with Thermatech™
This is a high-performance, pre-painted steel developed by BlueScope, comprising multilayers of coatings and offering high levels of corrosion resistance, excellence in colour performance and resistance to tropical staining.

Research and development
• Continue to develop and improve product performance via BlueScope Research (BSR ) and collaboration with others research institutional / universities.
• At any given time BlueScope has 18000 samples on outdoor exposure sites all over the world, which are then brought back on an annual basis for assessment.
• Provide technical support / literature (see website for data sheets, fact files, corrosion bullitens etc.

Product certification and traceability
• Assurance of our commitment to quality by SIRIM and SABS product certification scheme.
• Contain branding text at reverse side for product identification and traceability.

Warranty – We offer a product/material warranty on a project to project basis.

Preferred by many roll forming operators – Due to the consistent tensile strength/thickness and superior paint coating.

Thermatech™ (Designed by BlueScope) – Thermatech™ solar reflectance technology is incorporated in Clean COLORBOND ® steel to lower surface temperature by absorbing less heat from the sun. In other words Thermatech™ is able to reflect the solar heat off roofing material.

• Thermatech™ Solar Reflectance Technology – reduces roof surface temperature by up to 6°C
• Reduce annual cooling energy consumption by up to 15%

For example, the SRI value for colour Off White is 85

Clean Technology (Designed by BlueScope) – Thermal comfort is maintained by the dirt resistance properties in Clean COLORBOND ® steel. The solar reflectance of the roof sheeting will be influenced by the amount of dirt staining, therefore retaining a clean appearance is very important for maximizing the cooling effect of roofing sheets.

ZINCALUME® base – The coating on ZIN CALUME ® steel comprises 55% aluminum, 43.5% zinc and 1.5% silicon. It has excellent corrosion performance, which out performs Galvanized Z275 material by up to 4 times in the same en vironment.

Super Polyester Paint System and Superior Primer Technology (Designed by BlueScope) – Proven paint durability performance against natural weathering (color fading / chalking / flaking / dirt staining).

For product identification and originality, please check the reverse side of the coil for the following branding text.

Specifying a premium product4Quick facts:
• BlueScope ownes the 55%Al-Zn metallic coating technology.
• ZIN CALUME ® steel was developed in association with Bethlehem Steel in America and refined by Australian technologists at the Port Kembla research laboratories. This product brand is a registered trade mark of BlueScope Limited.

BlueScope Steel Southern Africa (Pty) Ltd
Tel: +27 21 442 5420
Email: wayne.miller@bluescope.com
Website: www.bluescope.co.za

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