Speciality repair and protective coatings key to plant repair

by Zuerita
Speciality repair and protective coatings key to plant repair

Top speciality repair and protective coatings products are being used in repairing the Kwanobuhle Wastewater Treatment Works in Uitenhage, Eastern Cape, which is undergoing refurbishment since January 2019. Ibhayi Contracting, a concrete rehabilitation specialist, was awarded the contract and has been using Sika’s chemical products as their products of choice to restore the plant to full capacity by July 2020.

Paul Adams, managing director at Sika South Africa, says the decision to refurbish the treatment works was taken because there was a huge negative impact on the Kwanobuhle community in receiving clean water. He says a rehabilitation process is no easy task, but Sika products made the project simpler.

Critical plant repairs
• SikaTop® Armatec-110 EpoCem, a reinforcing protective coating, and Sika Monotop-615HB High Build Repair Mortar, a re-profiling mortar, repaired concrete spalls.
• Sikagard® -720 EpoCem, a thin film sealer made from epoxy and cement-based fillers, was used to protect and act as a moisture barrier on vertical and horizontal concrete surfaces.
• Sikaflex ® Pro 3i and Sikadur Combiflex ® were used to seal joints in structures.
• Sikagard®-63N epoxy, a high-chemical-resistant coating, was applied to build-up.
• Sika® Monotop®-612 was used to line aerators and digesters and re-profile concrete surfaces.
• Sikagard® -720 EpoCem, was applied as a 2mm thick layer on top Sika® Monotop®-612.

“The wastewater treatment process removes contaminants and converts them into liquid waste that can be discharged into a river or sea, with minimum environmental impact. Recycling is vital to sustaining scarce resources such as water and for human survival, as the clean water can then be returned to the water cycle. We are glad that our products were used to help restore the plant for the community of Kwanobuhle,” says Adams.

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