Speciality chemicals for construction

by Zuerita
Speciality chemicals for construction

Soccer City is a true landmark in Johannesburg as well as an outstanding example of scale, innovation, design and technology. To manufacture its coloured panels, the glass-fibre-reinforced concrete was pigmented with Bayferrox pigments from specialty chemicals company LANXESS.
Pigments – colourful multi-talents
Iron oxide and chrome oxide pigments from LANXESS offer a versatile design element, providing colour accents from yellow to orange, red to green, and brown to black.

Well-known under the brand names Bayferrox and Colortherm, pigments from LANXESS’ Inorganic Pigments business unit are widely used for colouring concrete elements and roofing tiles. These products boast outstanding lightfastness, weather stability and chemical resistance, and have a decades-long track record for the colouration of paints and coatings, plastics and other applications.

Bayferrox iron oxides are available as powder, micronized powder, granules and compact pigment. These microgranules are particularly low-dusting and have a high bulk density, which represents a major advantage for transport and storage.

Colortherm Green pigments are based on chrome oxides manufactured in LANXESS’ unique chrome value chain in South Africa and range from a pale yellowish cast to an intense dark green shade. They can also be mixed with brilliant yellow pigments with good stability to produce the saturated greens that are, for example, required by the household appliance industry.

Colourant additives
For the coatings industry, the aqueous organic and inorganic pigment dispersions LEVANYL and LEVANOX ranges of high-quality, colour-intensive products are marked by narrow particle size distribution, small particle sizes and outstanding storage stability.

LANXESS also supplies active ingredients for wood protection products and an extensive portfolio of antimicrobial ingredients, preservatives and disinfectants. These preservatives for paints and coatings do not only prolong the shelf life of paints, but also keep up the viscosity and pH of the product.

Innovative products from Material Protection Products business unit of LANXESS are also found in gypsum boards, preservation of concrete admixtures, water-based glues and plasters, and in industrial applications like mineral slurries and polymer emulsions.

LANXESS South Africa
With 75 production sites worldwide, LANXESS is one of the world’s biggest suppliers of chrome ore for the chemical industry and a leading producer of chrome chemicals.

“In South Africa, LANXESS is the only company to handle the entire value chain. The company operates a unique value chain with direct raw material access and leading technology that allows it to efficiently produce chrome chemicals. This strategic measure enables us to further strengthen our competiveness in the chrome chemicals business.

Tel: 011 457 4019
Website: http://lanxess.co.za

Caption Main Image: The colored components in the striking Soccer City stadium facade of glass-fiber-reinforced concrete panels are based on Bayferrox pigments from LANXESS.

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