Specialised waterproofing and protection for concrete

by Tania Wannenburg
Specialised waterproofing and protection for concrete MAPEI

Mapei South Africa has developed a highly specialised fibre-reinforced, one-component cementitious mortar and adhesive primer for the restoration of concrete in sewerage systems.

Suited to demanding environments, Mapei South Africa’s Sewament 3 Primer and Sewament 10 are highly specialised to restore damaged concrete in sewer trunk lines and sewerage systems, both internally and externally, with superlative ease of use and application variety.

Sewament 10 is ideal for the restoration of deteriorated concrete in sewage and water purification plants for effluent urban water.

Sewament 10 applications:
•    Damaged interior corrosion-inhibiting lining of concrete tanks.
•    Anti-acid and wear-proof lining, or reinforced concrete manifolds.
•    Construction or reconstruction of impervious coverings.
•    Filling of joints and precast concrete sewerage elements.
•    Filling of joints of poured concrete for tanks and purification manifolds.

“The product is extremely versatile thanks to the research and development that have gone into its creation at the Mapei Research and Development Laboratory,” says Paul Nieuwoudt, Mapei South Africa’s product manager for building systems.

Resistance proven
“It has an exceptionally high level of resistance to the chemical aggression that comes about as a result of the anaerobic fermentation of civil and industrial sewage, which is unusual for a cementitious mortar. This has even been verified by the Department of Microbiology at the Botanic Institute of the University of Hamburg,” he adds.

At the university, Sewament 10 was subjected to conditions eight times higher than those found in standard sewerage systems over a period of nine months in biological chambers and results confirmed the product’s capability to repair damaged sewerage systems.

Composition and workability
Available as a powdered mortar, Sewament 10 comprises special hydraulic binders, selected graded aggregates, additives and synthetic fibres. When blended with water, the consistency is easily workable and can be applied manually or by spray at a maximum thickness of 20mm per layer.

Improving adhesion
When using Sewament 10 manually, it is recommended to use Sewament 3 Primer to improve the adhesion of Sewament 10.

“Sewament 3 must be used as a bonding bridge for manual application in concrete and masonry vaults, walls and beds in sewer trunk lines,” advises Nieuwoudt. “Water depuration plans and canals for the collection of black water of zootechny industries also require this.”

The one-component prepacked mortar is made from selected graded aggregates and special additives. It can be applied using a brush once mixed with the requisite amount of water.

Best practice
Sewament 3 Primer must be applied to a substrate without loose parts and preferably after hydro-scarifying to remove dirt, contaminated concrete and rust. After being prepared according to instructions, Sewament 10 must be used within ten minutes. Both products require that blending and application guidelines are followed closely to ensure the right end-results.

“Sewament 10 can also be applied with a spray and without the Sewament 3 Primer, but the substrate must be prepared carefully prior to use,” notes Nieuwoudt.

“These products have been designed to handle demanding environments and therefore must be managed precisely. Mapei South Africa can provide expert guidance and support to assure seamless application,” he concludes.

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