Spanish tile industry develops a sector-specific ecological label (DAP)

by Ofentse Sefolo
Spanish tile industry develops a sector-specific ecological label (DAP)

The development of a sectorial Product Environmental Declaration (DAP), promoted by ASCER, has been developed by the Institute of Ceramic (ITC), and registered under the GlobalEPD system of AENOR. DAPs are internationally distinctive as they determine the environmental impacts of the products.

Preparation and development

For the preparation of the DAP, ASCER and the ITC have had the valuable collaboration of their member companies that have provided data about their lifecycle analysis (LCA). The participating companies (representing 40% of Spanish production) have contributed all their inventory data, and the results obtained in this study are representative of the Spanish sector of ceramic tile manufacturers. The scope of DAP is from cradle to grave.

In addition to the sectorial DAP, ASCER has continued to promote the development of individual DAPs by manufacturing companies, because it is believed that this environmental communication tool is one of the most appropriate for transmitting the environmental impacts of the products used in buildings.

DAP is an international eco-labelling system for products from the construction sector that allows certifying the environmental impact throughout the lifecycle of the products and its eco-efficient manufacturing process.

This project, as well as the lifecycle analysis (LCA), is part of other multiple initiatives that the ceramic sector is involved with in the field of sustainability.

Acknowledgement and thanks go to ASCER and Tile of Spain for the information contained in this article.

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