Sound solutions to healthy flooring

by Darren
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Discovering how acoustic floorcoverings can satisfy the needs and requirements of healthcare facilities.

Health institutions need to guarantee a healthy, clean and long-lasting environment, which is why the choice of flooring plays a major role. Finding a product that can satisfy usage requirements of care personnel, comfort requirements of occupants and safety and durability requirements for everyone is often a difficult challenge. An example of a company which has taken an innovative approach to find solutions is Forbo with its Healthcare Solution in terms of acoustic product offerings being marketed in South Africa by FloorworX.

Acoustic floors reduce noise levels in buildings through the use of concrete slabs that determine the minimum acoustic rating necessary for the floorcovering to achieve the desired acoustic performance. Residual indentation is a vital consideration when selecting an acoustic product and is an important consideration when trying to find the right balance between acoustic performance and indentation resistance.

The FloorworX acoustic range includes Forbo Trafic – an acoustic vinyl floorcovering available in two-metre-wide lengths – which is manufactured using 100% green electricity and which meets the class T requirement of EN 660-2 for abrasion resistance.

Forbo Trafic is 19dB acoustic performance -certified to EN ISO 717-2 and also offers an indentation resistance of 0.11mm. This is why it offers excellent wear resistance, high acoustic performance and high resistance to heavy or rolling loads.

FloorworX’s acoustic range also offers other healthcare properties such as being made from 50% natural materials and providing an anti-griming surface treatment called OVERCLEAN XL (which eradicates the need for sprayed refurbishment throughout its service life), as well as a BIOSTATIC treatment. Turning to acoustic stair solutions, FloorworX’s Complete Step range offers a printed acoustic PVC floorcovering made for installation on staircases. This range is ideal for healthcare environments as it offers sound insulation of 17dB, visual contrast on the first step, stair nosing with visual and tactile contrast, as well as guaranteed safety.

Colour, comfort and technology

New and renovated buildings design should aim to satisfy future requirements. According to FloorworX, the colour harmony of an overall project cannot be considered without the use of materials that satisfy constraints in the healthcare sector.

The FloorworX acoustic product range prides itself on combining a wide colour pallet with product technology adapted to the needs of its users, including care providers, patients and others. It was specifically developed to satisfy this need for harmony in indoor areas, resulting in a wide range of colour options.

FloorworX also firmly believes that the aesthetics of an environment contributes to its users’ comfort levels. For this reason, the treatment of interiors and colours naturally forms part of the global approach for the healthcare sector. Apart from offering extreme comfort, the FloorworX acoustic colour range is designed using fundamental colour principles.

In addition to ensuring the wellbeing of the people making use of a floor, it is also important that the products used contribute positively to the quality of air. These considerations have influenced FloorworX’s acoustic range, which has low TVOC levels and contains no restricted substances. It is also slip-resistant to ensure the safety of care personnel and other users.

Coupled with its sound reduction capability of 15 -19dB, it offers a safe resolution for several healthcare environments. As a result, FloorworX’s acoustic offering is a sound solution for healthcare-related interiors, for today, tomorrow and many years from now.

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