Solutions gone green

by Tania Wannenburg

Solar control is a priority when designing or refurbishing buildings.

Climate change and globalisation are the main causes for action to save energy and safeguard natural resources, and why the green building concept encourages innovation, eco-friendly strategies and integrated approaches for sustainable environments where people can live and work comfortably.

While the architectural, engineering and construction technology discipline is mainly concerned with the detail design of buildings in response to contemporary demands, it is also influenced by phenomenon such as the weather, environmental activities and human physiology.

The move to greener building practices has been internationally endorsed for its benefits, but in order for it to be effective, all stakeholders need to actively participate to ensure the implementation of complete, sustainable and innovative solutions.

Solution-orientated products should both comply with modern building standards and contribute to the conservation or renewal of natural resources.

These would include sound (acoustic treatment), fire and space solutions (partitioning systems). Internal and external solar control for curtain walls, windows and other glazed elements treated with specific types of blinds, will also contribute points in green building ratings such LEED, Green Star, Breeam and more.
Solar control
Currently solar control is one of South Africa’s highest priorities when designing a new building or refurbishing an existing one.

Verosol sun control blinds are often applied to glass facades and used in office environments, training facilities, conservatories or atriums to address this challenge. Restaurants, shop fronts, hotels and residences also frequently opt for this solution to reduce bright light and reflect excess heat.

Verosol blinds, for internal applications, are formaldehyde and PVC-free, produced in compliance with the international environmental standard ISO 1400 and Öko-Tex and Greenguard certified. In addition, Aluglass Bautech can incorporate the KNX standard into building management systems to control all building management related components such as air-conditioning, lighting, and in this case, sun control.

Integrated approaches
In creating products and solutions, approaches vary. Some intend to increase productivity, ensure safety or create flexibility within the space, while others aim to produce a specific ambiance, temperature or light control for well-rounded physical and psychological performance. Ultimately, the purpose is to optimise the connection between people and spaces.

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