The name Wispeco and its fenestration systems brand, Crealco are well-known names in the South African architecture, building and construction sector. While some may say an extrusion is an extrusion, it is their uncompromising approach to authenticity, worldclass innovation and quality that has kept the company in business for over 100 years.

The local and global markets have weathered some unique challenges resulting from Covid-19. Bolstered by the deep knowledge and expertise of its team, Wispeco remains optimistic in support of the local fenestration market. Their steadfast commitment to refrain from engaging in fenestration fabrication themselves, leaves this market segment entirely open to its customers to develop and add economic value.

Sustainable design

Building professionals are increasingly focussed on sustainable building design and on finding ways to breach the gap between the need to reduce negative impacts on the environment, whilst still maintaining durability, aesthetics, functionality, performance and comfort in their designs. The premium Crealco systems range cover applications from high rise through commercial to residential applications offering unequalled durability.

Making U-Value calculations easy

Over the past two decades, Wispeco has developed various Agrément-certified software design packages as tools to assist the downstream window and door supply chain to the market. One of these tools is the U-Solve program, which is aimed at assisting architects, designers and aluminium fabricators with accurate thermal and structural design calculations for all Crealco systems. It allows fully complaint designs in terms of all relevant SANS regulations as long as genuine Wispeco profiles are used. 

Progressive solutions

A further benefit of using the Starfront software and the U-Solve thermal calculator is that it allows architects to design SANS-compliant, energy-efficient and cost-effective fenestration solutions for their projects. Designs can be optimized by changing all variables on any window/door or change between systems or glass selections to comply and optimise cost efficiency. The input data is confirmed by extensive SAFIERA Hot Box testing previously carried out in accordance with (SANS 204) and AAAMSA (SANS 613) thereby allowing designs with actual performance values instead of conservative SANS 10400 XA default values. In addition to SANS 613 and 10400 XA the software checks for Safety Glazing compliance to SANS 10400:N. U-Values and SHGC-values delivered by the software have been certified by Agrément as long as genuine Crealco aluminium profiles are used.

By monitoring evolving industry needs and creating or improving support software and products, Wispeco, through its Crealco product initiate, assists and support professionals and fabricators to supply compliant and durable aluminium fenestration products at all levels of the market.

Issue: Rationalisation drives optimised thermal and structural design needs.
Solution: Software design tools assist with designing SANS-compliant, energy-efficient fenestration.

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