Solidtex: Changing the rules of building

by Tania Wannenburg
Solidtex: Changing the rules of building

Siniat manufacturers’ latest innovation is the Solidtex board, a multipurpose plasterboard with an ultra-high-density gypsum core, designed to address a comprehensive range of application and construction needs. Solidtex boards are easy to install and can stand loads until now unimaginable for drywall systems; they are fire-resistant, have a thickness of 12.5 mm, and a density of 1200 kg per m3 – an industry first.

New High-Density Crystallisation (HDC) technology, developed by Etex Building Performance, has a unique solidity and resistance performance. These plasterboards are also reinforced with glass fibres and can even be utilised in high-moisture zones. They have tapered edges and are available in 1200 mm x 3000 mm.

 Impact-resistant and acoustically certified

The safety and durability of the Solidtex systems were critical to the development team because they wanted to create a solution that is impact resistant – to minimise maintenance and improve fixability onto the board to give the end-user flexibility to hang an object onto the wall with ease. Suitable for residential as well as commercial applications, Solidtex systems have outstanding engineering properties. For example, the double frame system combined with three Solidtex boards is a certified, burglar-proof solution. These boards also offer effective sound insulation; a system of only three boards guarantees excellent acoustic insulation between residential units, hospital rooms and classrooms.

Because the Solidtex system performs like a stone or brick wall, you can suspend loads without worrying about reinforcements or the point of application. In fact, Solidtex drywall systems offer the maximum values for traditional drywall suspension.

Easy and quick installation

Solidtex offers a reliable solution that guarantees a high-quality finish and the paper liner around the boards creates a surface that needs no skimming. These heavy-duty plasterboard systems are faster and easier to construct than traditional masonry walls, and they also make it a lot simpler to integrate cables and services between the boards. It is easy to cut to shape, and you don’t require specific equipment to do so.

The clever High-Density Crystallisation (HDC) technology, developed by Etex Building Performance, gives the new Solidtex walling systems strength and contains 30 – 50% more gypsum per m3. Another advantage of drywall systems is the possibility of modulating the configuration to match the required performance.

Solidtex is 100% recyclable

 Siniat’s new Solidtex boards is a great solution for sustainable building and contains more than 35% recycled content – thanks to the use of gypsum waste that would otherwise be thrown away. ISMQ has verified the recycled content in the Solidtex plasterboards and both the boards’ production line and the steel profiles line operate under controlled quality conditions: The production plant is ISO 9001 certified, which certifies the quality control of the process, and ISO 14001 certified, which confirms the responsible environmental management of the process.

A breakthrough in drywall solutions

The groundbreaking technology at the centre of Siniat’s new Solidtex board merges the convenience and superior finish of typical gypsum plasterboard with the mechanical performance so far solely associated with masonry work.


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