Solar power for Lynnwood Lane Retail Centre

by Ofentse Sefolo
Solar power for Lynnwood Lane Retail Centre

Thanks to SolarSaver and its solar photovoltaic systems, the new Lynnwood Lane Retail Centre is one of the retail developments in Africa that now harnesses the power of solar energy. The centre is home to over 22 different stores, including Food Lovers’ Market, Nando’s, Westpack Lifestyle and DisChem Pharmacies.

It requires 7 507kWh in total per day in order to operate efficiently, and the new solar photovoltaic systems generate almost a fifth of that energy, helping to make the centre more sustainable and effectively limiting its carbon footprint.

“On the roof, you’ll find 872 solar panels that will produce 1 364kWh of energy for 22 shops at the centre,” commented Lance Green of SolarSaver. “This will go a long way to supplementing the power the retail centre needs to operate on a daily basis.”

A total of 872 solar panels have been installed on the centre’s roof, generating 1 364kWh of solar energy every day.

Unique rent-to-own models

SolarSaver is a company operating both in South Africa and Namibia. The company is one of very few that are now equipped to offer a unique rent-to-own model. This resulted in them being able to install the full solar PV system at zero-capital cost to Lynx Property Developers, the property developers behind the new Lynnwood Lane Retail Centre. This is due, in a large part, to investment from the Pembani-Remgro group.

“Solar has previously been expensive to install and set up. This way, our developments can immediately benefit from greener energy, without the capital outlay. With the price of SolarSaver electricity only increasing in line with Query: What does CIPC stand for?CIPC costs, we are less exposed to Eskom’s rising tariffs and we can pass this benefit on to tenants,” said Green.

Unfortunately, the retail centre’s systems are still tied to the grid, which means that the solar PV systems do not currently provide power during load-shedding. However, SolarSaver strives to remove most clients from the grid in the near future, as soon as the costs of batteries begin to dwindle.

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