Softology by Belgotex

by Madelein
Softology by Belgotex

Belgotex has mastered a new fibre technology to create an irresistibly soft carpet range – they’ve called it Softology*.

The art of soft is defined in a cut-pile carpet devoted to delivering toe-scrunching satisfaction to the residential space. Softology is made using an increased number of finer filaments in a carpet pile, like a feather, for those seeking the ultimate comfort in their plush pad.

Softology is a broadloom carpet range that offers truly distinctive, luxurious colour with brand new hues that deepen the trend appeal of soft floor solutions at large. Swoon, Dahlia, Suave and Regis break the industry staple of grey and beige colourways we’ve come to know from the carpet industry.

Another first for Belgotex is that the range comes available in three grades of pile height in a choice of 8mm, 11mm and 13m catered to suite each customer’s unique lifestyle needs.

Softology is made with a superior high twist set for advanced memory performance and stainproof colour fastness. Belgotex don’t just care about their customers, they care about the world they live in too. Softology is a product of waterless yarn manufacture so, while soft to the touch, it’s gentle on the environment too.

To view this latest range, visit our new website www.belgotex.co.za.

*Softology is a registered trademark

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