Soaring demand for self-levelling screed

by Darren
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The demand for self-levelling screeds is growing, as they play a crucial role in ensuring that various floors can be applied quickly, thereby avoiding undue hassles.

There has been a great demand for a.b.e. Construction Chemicals’ abescreed SLC P fast-track, self-levelling screed and abescreed SLC acrylic primer since the products underwent three important reformulations recently.

“The primary reason for the latest reformulation in 2014 was to boost the ‘green’ qualities of the products by including the self-levelling screed and its primer in the range of dustless, cementitious products now being produced at a.b.e.’s Boksburg plant as part of the Chryso Group’s sustainable development programme,” says Peter Jones, a.b.e.’s National Sales Manager: Flooring.

abescreed SLC P is a single-pack, rapid-hardening, cement-based, self-levelling screed for floors, ideal for situations where quick setting is essential to ensure that carpets, ceramic tiles, vinyl, wood block or cork are applied quickly. The product can be used on new floors or for smoothing floors in various applications.

The success of abescreed SLC P and its primer has led to an exclusive, large-scale supply agreement that was concluded last year between a.b.e. and FloorworX.

Peter adds that abescreed SLC P has many benefits, which is why it has been installed at several hospitals in the last few months. In turn, abescreed SLC primer, which is applied prior to abescreed SLC P, improves the self-levelling screed’s adhesion to the concrete substrate, reducing surface absorbency while sealing the substrate.

Another popular a.b.e. flooring product is abecote WD 337, a two-component, solvent-free, water-dispersed epoxy emulsion that produces a floor coating with a paint-smooth finish. abecote WD 337 is robust enough to have been applied as protection for factory and warehouse flooring throughout South Africa.

These are but some of the several innovative and durable product offerings provided by a.b.e. flooring in South Africa.

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