Smart floors that save lives

by Ofentse Sefolo
Smart floors that save lives

Many people strive to maintain a level of independence when moving into a care facility, while family members want the assurance that their loved ones will be cared for in the best way possible. What if flooring could influence the safety and wellbeing of residents?

Shaw Contract uses market-leading expertise to bring a thoughtful approach to flooring solutions, rethinking what a floor can do by utilising flooring to monitor and ensure resident wellbeing. As a market leader in flooring solutions to the Senior Living market, Shaw Contract lends its knowledge to all facets, creating flooring that is manufactured responsibly to support the human experience and a healthier planet while integrating systems into existing buildings or monitoring systems, offering invisible and discreet assistance according to the type of surveillance and level of assistance required.

Rethinking floors
Sole™ with SensFloor® technology gives caregivers or others in senior care facilities the ability to discreetly monitor the care of residents through their intelligent flooring solution and it requires no action from the resident to make it work. Installed in a way that is invisible and unobtrusive, SensFloor provides privacy and independence for residents while allowing operators to monitor and detect situations programmed for alerts. This is a good alternative to wearables or cameras.

Sole ™ integrates with existing technologies and provides actionable data where it is installed.

Real benefits:
• Knowing when residents are awake and moving without the need to check-in.
• Identifying one or more unique individuals within a space and provide notification if needed.
• Integrated lighting that illuminates when a presence is detected.
• Alerting caregivers within seconds of a fall being detected.
• Alerting care staff when activity is detected.
• Areas of higher concern such as bathrooms can be monitored more closely for activity or falls.

SensFloor technology allows seniors to flourish in an environment where they have privacy and autonomy while providing staff with alerts and data about what is transpiring in the physical space. In addition, families have the peace of mind that their loved ones are safe in their new home.

For more information visit: www.shawcontract.com/sole.

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