Smart Design

by Darren
SmartStone Hoffman Square Jnl 1 16

No need to settle for standard bricks…

When paving a home patio or a large public space, there is no need to settle for standard bricks. This is where advantage can be taken by designing with SmartStone.

The company offers an array of colours, shapes and sizes as well as unique surface textures, which enable the creation of contrast, patterns and flow. This is why Cube Architects turned to SmartStone for the refurbishment of Hoffman Square in Bloemfontein.

Hoffman Square has been important in the commercial and social life of the city since the 1840s. It served as a market square until 1925, when the first formal symmetrical park design was implemented. Hoffman Square consists of two distinct areas with the Church Street axis as the dividing line. The eastern side, accommodating the vending area, is informal and organic in character. The western side, the recreational park area, is formal. These two areas are visually and physically linked with footpaths, trees and a continuous level.

The new layout was based on the existing pedestrian flow, formalising the routes which were already in daily use. SmartStone cobbles enabled the creation of intricate patterns while designs with contrasting colours are highlighted on the wide footpaths. Various textures, shapes and sizes were used in combination with each other to create visual interest and differentiate between applications. Thicker 65 mm pavers were used on areas that may occasionally carry vehicular traffic.

The end product is a space used by the whole community. Hoffman Square is a focal point for central Bloemfontein and manages to be functional without sacrificing aesthetic goals. Hoffman Square is another example that proves one can “design” with SmartStone products.

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