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Small homes with massive appeal

With property prices on the rise, entry-level properties have become the focus for many developers. But these properties, although small, still come with a considerable price tag. As such it must offer the buyer value for money, coupled with modern design and finishes, and finally, functionality in a limited space.

A recent compact-living apartment project became the focus for Ewa Winczewski, owner and architect at Ewa & I cc, when she was approached by the client to revamp their existing unit.

Layout and functionality are priorities

Winczewski says what made this project unique, is that initially the conversation was about changing the finishes and interior furnishings. However, upon consultation it became apparent that the apartments’ layout had to be changed to ensure full functionality of the space.

She suggested that to make the most of the space in terms of creating a flexible open-plan layout, with a multi-use kitchen opening onto a living space, with both spaces offering flexibility for the furniture as well as adequate storage.

Adding character with personal touches

Winczewski says: “Materials, texture and colour all play an important role in creating the personality of a space. To soften the interior, look at incorporating elements such as throws, scatter cushions, greenery and personal artefacts. This will all help to create a homely atmosphere, rather than the space looking like a cut-and-paste version of a hotel room.”

She also notes that the layout is the most important aspect to a small space, enclosing up small spaces should be avoided. Small Spaces should rather be comfortable living spaces which are flexible and adaptable where they can be changed to a workable/living space which has adequate hidden storage.

“I think people are realising that their homes should have dual-use spaces, whether it’s an office-type set-up for working from home or a playroom for their kids. Space utilisation has become important, and people have become aware that the spaces we live and work in have a direct impact on our health. It’s no use having space if it does not work for the needs of its owner, no matter the size,” she concludes.

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