Sloped side cladding for Eastgate

by Darren
Sloped side cladding for eastgate Kingspan


Kingspan’s high-performance architectural wall panel system gives the newly renovated Eastgate Mall, which was named overall winner at the SAICS Steel Awards 2016, an updated look and creates a thermal skin that reduces internal temperature loss.

Clad with Kingspan’s high-performance, single-component insulated panel wall system, the Eastgate Mall’s updated look matches its structural excellence. The redevelopment project was named overall winner at the prestigious Steel Awards 2016, hosted annually by the Southern African Institute of Steel Construction (SAISC).

Described as a fantastic piece of engineering work by retired SAISC director, Spencer Earling, the major upgrade to the Eastgate Mall involved the relocation of the lower level cinema complex into a section of the roof-level carpark.

Looks matter
Due to the high visibility of the building, great care was given to the aesthetics of the facade. The building form is made up of scalloped segments with sloped Kingspan side cladding sweeping from the top of the building in dramatic curves.

In total, excess of 3 000m2 of Kingspan’s architectural wall panel system, KS 1000 AWP, was used in a micro-rib finish and two shades of grey were specified to give texture and interest to the surface.

Ease of installation
Speed was critical for this redevelopment project. The Kingspan system comprises a single-component, steel-faced composite panel and typically cuts build programmes by as much as 50% when compared with traditional multi-component or built-up facade systems.

Comfort is key
The insulated system core, which is proprietary to Kingspan, guarantees a superior thermal performance and creates a thermal skin that reduces internal temperature loss and provides a shield against external temperatures.

Kingspan’s wall system is engineered to be airtight, moisture resistant and weather resilient. This leads to significant lifetime operating cost benefits.

Safety of course is paramount for any public building. Fire is a particularly concerning issue for anyone specifying facade systems, especially given recent high-profile fires from around the world. Therefore, the Kingspan wall system has undergone extensive large-scale system testing and is insurer-approved by the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) and Factory Mutual (FM).

Established footprint
“While new to South Africa, the Kingspan system is actually very well established. With over 20 manufacturing plants and a footprint in more than 60 countries, Kingspan has consistently led the way in terms of thermal, fire and environmental performance,” says Tammy Grove, business development manager at Kingspan Insulated Panels.

“Kingspan’s leading technologies, such as the KS 1000 AWP wall panel system and the ground-breaking QuadCore insulation core, are backed up by unparalleled testing, insurer approval and warranties, which allows our clients to take their buildings to a new level of performance in energy efficiency, construction simplicity, fire safety and aesthetics,” she adds.

Kingspan Insulated Panels
E-mail: info@kingspanpanels.com
Website: www.kingspanpanels.com
Project team:
Client: Liberty Life
Architect: Batley and Partners
Project manager: Focus Project Management
Main contractor: Steffanutti Stocks Building Gauteng
Structural engineers: Aurecon Group
Quantity surveyor: NWS Quantity Surveyors
Panel installer: Chartwell Roofing
Panel supplier: Kingspan Insulated Panels
Product: KS 1000 AWP microrib 45mm
Caption: The Eastgate Mall’s form is defined by scalloped segments with sloped Kingspan side cladding and aluminium roof sheeting. Kingspan’s architectural wall panel system, KS 1000 AWP, was used in a micro-rib finish and two shades of grey.

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