Sintered compact surface brand gains traction in the market

by Tania Wannenburg
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Compact surface slabs were recently installed in bulthaup Kitchens store in Kramerville and Spitz Shoes in Rosebank.

While NEOLITH landed in South Africa two years ago, the sintered compact surface brand is now gaining ground with local architects, designers, and developers. During this time NEOLITH has invested in training industry members on new handling, cutting and installation methods and carving out a niche in the market. After paying their school fees, NEOLITH has come out fighting.

Distributed by heavyweight national stone slab wholesaler, International Slab Sales (ISS), NEOLITH joins their range of leading surface brands including Caesarstone, Rudi’s Choice and Café Quartz as the new, all-rounder surface. NEOLITH slabs can be used as interior and exterior surfacing, flooring, countertops, furniture cladding as well and door cladding, becoming the first surface in the ISS stable to penetrate new markets because of its extraordinary versatility.

NEOLITH sintered compact surface slabs fit a wide range of interior design needs and meet the stringent requirements of many commercial shopfront designers.

Gavin Gilbert, General Manager of the NEOLITH brand at International Slab Sales, says the sintered compact surface slab is imported from Spain and is being increasingly specified for local applications. According to Gilbert, the product is an admirable competitor to popular surface materials such as tiles, solid surfacing, engineered and natural stone.
“What makes these slabs a popular choice is the options that are available in terms of colour, consistency and size. Not only is NEOLITH versatile in its applications, but it offers a durability hard to match and an excellent material warranty. NEOLITH sintered compact surfaces can withstand very high temperatures (up to 250°C), they are non-porous so inherently very hygienic, UV-resistant, as well as scratch-resistant. The product was recently installed at two retail stores and we are very happy with the result,” says Gavin.

Approximately 130m2 of the compact surface floor slab was recently installed at the bulthaup Kitchens store in Kramerville, Johannesburg. Large-format tiles (1 200mm x 1 200mm) in NEOLITH Cement were selected to match the bulthaup Kitchens modern, minimalist store. Last year, leading, luxury shoe brand, Spitz Shoes, installed approximately 200m2 of NEOLITH’s large-format tiles (1 500mm x 1 500mm) in the popular Barro colour at its Rosebank store. The shoe company subsequently requested that 280m2 of the same NEOLITH tiles be installed in their flagship Gateway store in Durban. The installation is scheduled to take place in August 2015.

“Both bulthaup Kitchens in Kramerville and Spitz Shoes in Rosebank are thrilled with their NEOLITH tiles as the store installations have lived up to both the designer’s and the clients’ expectations in terms of aesthetics and functionality. The durable tiles are able to handle high traffic volumes, they are low maintenance and very easy to clean. The large format tiles that were specified in both showrooms are minimalistic and seamless, which is what many leading brands are looking for in their new floor installations,” explains Gavin.

NEOLITH is an environmentally friendly product which has surpassed each relevant international standard (ISO).

“While NEOLITH is installed in a range of applications, it’s not surprising that so many commercial offices and shopfronts continue to specify this floor tile. Due to its large slab format, it can easily be cut into any panel size. Colour continuity across the gauges also means that shopfront designers can create a holistic look for any space, giving display fittings and shop interiors a modern edge. We’re proud to be involved in these two recent installations and look forward to seeing NEOLITH in more stores, malls, offices and private homes in future,” concludes Gilbert.

Attributes of the minimalistic, seamless floor tiles:
•    Resistant to high temperatures
•    Lightweight
•    Scratch-resistant
•    Resistant to bending
•    Waterproof
•    Non-porous
•    Easy to clean
•    Hygienic
•    UV-resistant
•    Ideal for heavy traffic
•    100% recyclable
•    Warranty and technical support

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