Simplifying spot cleaning

by Darren
Numatic spraymop master Jnl 2 16

Spraymop Master designed to clean localised areas in high quality professional environments.

There are an increasing number of applications for spot or maintenance mopping with the sole aim of ensuring visually attractive floor surfaces in high profile environments. This is where the Spraymop Master system plays a key role as it has been specifically developed to not only fulfil the above requirements, but also to encompass the complete range of Numatic’s pocket mops, thereby offering a comprehensive choice to suit the majority of needs.

Just like Spraymop, the Spraymop Master starts by pre-wetting the clean mop before use and simply using the on-board liquid spray system to maintain the level of dampness needed for the specific application.

Spraymop and Spraymop Master are not intended to function as large area mopping systems, but rather as floor maintenance accessories where localised or spot cleaning is essential in maintaining high standards of cleanliness. Furthermore, its SpinTec colour coded rotating system adds to even more comfort while servicing professional environments that require cleaning.

The end result is a multi-functional localised floor cleaning piece of equipment that specialises in professional environments.

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