Simplifying elaborate ceiling designs

by Darren
Simplifying elaborate ceiling

Pelican Systems offers multi-purpose ceiling boards for a multitude of ceiling designs.

For architects looking to take advantage of the ceiling as a design feature, using curved bulkheads, vaulted ceilings, shadow lines and floating ceilings, Pelican Systems’ multi-purpose ceiling boards can be used to construct all types of ceiling designs, including tape-and-join and full skim.

“Our 8mm JUMBO Multi-Purpose ceiling boards in 1,0m widths are a perfectly suited plasterboard option to use in combination with specialist pre-drilled, powder-coated trims,” says Denise Gould, General Manager at Pelican Systems. “Selecting a length of either 2,750m or 3m allows for only one plasterboard product required on site, simplifying the ordering process, handling and storage.”

Pelican Systems’ range of specialist pre-drilled, powder-coated trims includes:
•    Shadowline Wall Trim: For creating a shadow line between an exposed suspended ceiling and the perimeter wall.
•    Ceiling Junction Trim: For the transition between an exposed suspended ceiling and a flush-plastered ceiling on the same level with a reveal between the two types.
•    Apex Trim – Designed to facilitate the apex junction of raked ceilings.
•    Facia Trim – For vertical bulkheads at the edge of a suspended ceiling, especially against windows.
•    Plaster Curve Trim – Designed to facilitate a radius wall with a flush-plastered ceiling.
•    Shadow Curve Trim – Designed to facilitate a radius wall with an exposed suspended ceiling.

“These can be used in combination with JUMBO Multi-Purpose ceiling boards to create a sensation of height and space, with no risk of cracks or uneven gaps at the junction of the wall and the ceiling. Clean geometric lines and recessed shadows are easily achieved with specialised profiles,” Gould adds.

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