After years of research, an extended version of the Terraforce Design Manual is available to help guide engineers in designing segmented block retaining walls in accordance with design standards in various countries.

The guide deals with the theories of gravity retaining wall design and composite retaining wall design. The guide also has built-in links to use design tools to assist in the design, construction and supervision routines.

The guide includes cautionary notes, notes for contractors and a table creator to obtain design values for blocks and to help in estimating material costs. There are also links to the Maxiwall Pro software for the design of composite retaining walls and Terrasafe, their in-house design service.

Professional design service

Designers and specifiers who are unable to produce their own designs with either of the mentioned tools, can contact the Terraforce affiliated design service, Terrasafe CC. For a modest fee, Terrasafe offers a basic cross-section design that can be extended according to the client’s wishes and as negotiated.


The Terraforce Table Creator (link below) will assist in preparing rough cost estimates for gravity retaining walls and should not be seen as an alternative to robust design input.


A short, illustrated PowerPoint presentation, setting out the recommended design sequence, can be downloaded here: PowerPoint Presentation (

For more information, contact Terraforce:
Tel: +21 465 1907

New test proving the permeability of pavers

Between 2020 and 2022, two graduate students from the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Cape Town (UCT) completed two studies on the permeability of the Terracrete pavers and the factors that influence this. Ryan Moore completed his research in 2020 and Banele Noqayi completed his research in late 2021, both under the tutelage of Prof. Neil Armitage from the Department of Civil Engineering at UCT.

Moore said: “The long-term infiltration rate tends to the natural soil infiltration rate calculated by the double-ring infiltrometer test, that Terracrete systems maintain a steady long-term infiltration rate with minimal maintenance required and that these pavements can be aesthetically pleasing by increasing the green land on a property.”

Click here for the full article:

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