Silver lining: Expanding business in a volatile economy

by Tania Wannenburg
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Take extra space out Sika invests in new concrete laboratory in Gauteng.

South Africa looks as if it will continue to struggle with a very vulnerable economy in 2013.

Despite this, Sika has confidently decided to expand its service offering in a way that few companies have managed to do. After doubling production and warehouse space at its head office in 2009, Sika recently announced the opening of its new concrete laboratory facility in Gauteng.

Sika’s Concrete Target Market will utilise this facility to further increase its core business to cater for an increase in demand for Sika concrete admixtures in the Gauteng area.  They will offer high-quality technical support, backed by relevant concrete technologists within the Gauteng area. This will optimise concrete mixes for semi-dry pavers, wet-cast precasters, ready-mix concrete (RMC) producers and the testing of Shotcrete materials used in tunnelling and mining.

In the main concrete laboratory mixes are designed and tested to determine where they can be adjusted for optimisation. The Sika concrete admixtures can improve water reduction, allowing for the further reduction of cementitious binder contents, while still maintaining concrete workability with similar or improved strength development.

Sika’s extra laboratory adds to the company’s resources, meaning tests can be conducted more efficiently and customers are offered value-added service thanks to optimal functionality, brand new equipment and skilled technologists.

Sika SA (pty) Ltd.
Tel: 031 792 6500
Website: zaf.sik.com

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