wall coverings

D-Stona PVC marble sheets from Amari Trading are high-quality engineered marble with limestone as a major component.  

The wide range of designs allows for design freedom, with colour matching of the panels to other décor elements creating unified spaces. 

Perfect patterns from marble to wood 

Amari’s D-Stona engineered marble laminate sheets are an excellent colour and pattern match to other finishes, creating a seamless flow between wall and floor. The range includes elegant white Carrara marble through to darker marble tones, textured wood, detailed stone patterns and plain colours. 

wall coverings

Textured D-Stona laminates are ideal for creating a dado effect.


 Can be applied over cement and wood 

D-Stona is available in various finishes, including matte, gloss, textured and high gloss. Generally pasted onto PVC wall-base boards, the product can also be applied over cement and wood surfaces. A textured D-Stona wall covering is ideal when creating a dado effect. 

Lighter than wall tiles and with no grout lines, the D-Stona sheets are also easy to clean and low maintenance. 


A range of moulded accessories is available in both marble and wood finishes. These include cornices, skirtings, coves, door frames and jambs, corner and joint covers and pillar claddings. 

wall coverings

The versatile sheets are ideal for cladding cupboard doors, countertops and other furniture.

Furniture friendly 

When renovating a kitchen or bedroom, covering the cupboard doors with D-Stona laminates gives a wider range of patterns and colours than just painting them. The flexible sheet can be stretched around edges up to 90 degrees and can also be used on countertops. 


  • Size: 1 220mm x 2 440mm. 
  • Thickness: 1,2mm and 2,5mm. 
  • Wide range of designs including marble, stone and wood. 
  • Recyclable. 
  • Easy to clean. 
  • Fire retardant, waterproof and termite-proof. 
  • Extremely durable. 


With its diverse range and applications, D-Stona is sure to add a new dimension to interiors. 


For more information, contact Amari Trading: 

Tel: +27 11 314 3237 

Tel: +27 60 502 1121 

Email: info-amari@amaritrading.co.za 

Website: www.amaritrading.co.za 

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