SIGGMA PVC flooring from Amari Trading is best suited for the healthcare industry as it is injected with antibacterial / anti-fungicidal elements during the manufacturing process. The surface is treated with Polyurethane (PUR) that provides above-average resistance to scratches, scuffmarks, stains and dirt accumulation to ensure easy cleaning and mopping.  

Available in 2-meter width rolls, this range can be supplied in 15m rolls.  

Why use SIGGMA? 

  • Surface treated with PUR with anti-dirt, which minimises scratches, scuffmarks, stains and maintenance. 
  • Advanced Antibacterial/ fungicidal properties best suited for the healthcare industry. 
  • Heavy Duty “T” rated flooring suitable for heavy traffic areas and movement of wheelchairs, wheeled stretchers, portable diagnostic equipment, etc. 
  • Homogeneous, hard-wearing with a smooth top finish for easy cleaning. 
  • The flooring joints can be made seamless through thermal welding using the recommended welding cords and equipment. 
  • The product meets fire and smoke requirements as per EN Standards and is approved by ARAI, India. 
  • The random marbled patterns in pastel shades are pleasing to the eye. 

For more information, contact Amari Trading:
Tel: +27 11 312 5410 / +27 11 314 3237 / +27 60 502 1121

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