Shutter walls extend coastal outdoor living

by Tania Wannenburg
Shutter walls extend

Roller shutters can block out bad weather and safeguard verandas against intruders.

Deep verandas with panoramic views are popular features of coastal homes, but on the downside, poor security and exposure to bad weather come with it.

Addressing these concerns, Trellidor’s Rollerstyle range of automated roller shutters offers an excellent, but simple solution. Custom manufactured from aluminium, one of the most durable materials in marine environments, it is fitted to the open side of the outdoor space to create a solid wall that blocks out excessive heat, harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays, high winds, swirling dust and rain.

Moveable walls
A shutter wall fitted to a large veranda allows flexibility when this semi-outdoor area is in use, since the shutters can be individually operated to suit the conditions. Halfway open they block out direct sun, but still allow a partial view.

With some planning during the home’s design phase, roller shutters can be built in with the compact shutter box hidden in a wall or ceiling cavity, which means that it will be out of sight when rolled up to not block any of the view. Retro fitting, however, is more common because it’s often only once the home has been built that security and climate control become priorities.

User-friendly security system
Trellidor Rollerstyle shutters are designed and installed primarily as a security barrier to stop intruders from entering into the home through an unprotected opening. Attack tests have shown that they create a reassuring lock-down when closed, and present a formidable obstacle to any would-be house robber.

Automation makes these shutters very easy to operate and the hand-held and wall-mounted controls can be configured to customer requirements. This includes incorporating shutters into a fully automated home’s central control system.

The range is custom-made for each opening, so shutters can be designed for almost any type of door, window, passage, stairway and serving hatch, as well as verandas.

Trellidor security products are available through the extensive officially appointed Trellidor franchise network countrywide.

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