Showcasing the versatility of wooden flooring

by Ofentse Sefolo
Showcasing the versatility of wooden flooring

The remarkable versatility of wooden flooring has recently been demonstrated in beautifully designed shop-fittings, various unusual applications to create a stunning restaurant interior and inviting flooring installed in a modern luxury home.

Finfloor demonstrates the versatility of their range with their variety of unfinished and pre-finished wood solutions. These solutions are available for innovative use in floors, walls and ceilings and can been tailored to suit local requirements, the designer’s brief as well as the client’s budget.

Having simplified the purchasing process, homeowners and architects can be assured that Finfloor’s range offers quality products from reputable manufacturers that perform well in South Africa’s climate, ensuring durability in a variety of applications.

FINOak’s variety of planks, grades and finishes were used in each of the showrooms below.

Witchery Hyde Park’s upmarket clothing store fitted clear-grade FINOak throughout, creating a classic look, which showcases their apparel and can withstand the heavy traffic of this popular retailer.

Solo, a new trendy restaurant in Sandton, used FINOak Rustic Oak flooring to clad the walls, seating benches and bathrooms, creating an unusually modern, yet stylish atmosphere.

A mixture of Herringbone and traditional FINOak flooring were used to create a unique and inviting feel in the bedroom and cosy dining areas of this modern home.

The FINOak range is available in a variety of plank options including:
• FINOak Herringbone Multilayer Core – 1 strip
Rustic grade, smooth finish
930 x 150 x 14/3mm
• FINOak HDF Core – 1 strip
Rustic grade, wire-brushed finish
1210 x 192 x 10/2mm
• FINOak RUSTIC grade, 3-ply Core – 1 strip
Rustic grade, smooth fished
1900 x 190 x 15/4mm
2200 x 220 x 15/4mm
2200 x 260 x 15/4mm
• FINOak Clear grade, 3-ply Core – 1 strip
Clear grade, smooth finish
1900 x 190 x 15/4mm

The benefits of using oak wood flooring:
• It contributes to healthier indoor air quality because the floors do not absorb dust particles and pollutants.
• It has timeless aesthetic appeal. FINOak is the foundation for the luxurious interiors and beautiful spaces in some restaurants and other upmarket venues.
• Engineered Oak floors are easily maintained, needing only regular sweeping to remove dust and particles. Spills cleaned immediately will not leave a mark.

Whatever the project, wood products offer endless options. With Finfloor, the choice is yours!

For more information, visit https://finfloor.co.za or send an email to info@finfloor.co.za.

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