Shoe Challenge benefits charity

by Darren
Shoe campaign Jnl 6 14

Shoe campaign a huges success bringing 40 appreciative little smiles to little faces.

Any organisation that is both willing and able to give back to the community can regard themselves as being in a privileged position. Any company comprises people and, collectively, these individuals can make a profound difference in the lives of others.

It is for these very reasons that Media in Africa recently introduced an exciting campaign that aims to donate 60 pairs of shoes to SA Cares For Life, a child protection organisation which cares for children.

This campaign, aptly referred to as the Shoe Challenge, depended on industry’s participation in order to achieve these charitable goals. Media in Africa (MIA) delivered packages, each of which contained a single shoe, to specific companies, inviting them to participate in the initiative.

Upon receipt of this package and after accepting the meeting request, the individual at the selected organisation would set a date and time with one of MIA’s representatives to meet. In other words, MIA had in its possession one shoe, and the selected company had one shoe, and when the meeting took place, MIA would collect the shoe from the company and COMPLETE the pair.

MIA is proud to announce that it has delivered 40 pairs of shoes to SA Cares For Life so far. That translated into 40 extremely appreciative little smiles after the handover. The remaining 20 pairs will be handed over within the next few months as the campaign is concluded. MIA would like to thank every single company and client that has and is currently participating in this charitable campaign because, without industry’s involvement, this campaign could not achieve its goal of making a difference in the lives of children.

The handover was captured and shared on all of MIA’s media platforms.

MIA would like to thank all the contributing companies for helping us to help those in need.

For more information on SA Cares for Life visit their website at: http://www.sacares.net/wmenu.php

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