Shield DIY projects against water damage

by Ofentse Sefolo
Shield DIY projects against water damage

Water seepage can be immensely harmful to any property or DIY project, so it’s vital to use a product you can trust such as SEALiTe 2K. This new and improved cementitious waterproofing compound by iTe Products will protect your project from water damage and is ideal for waterproofing bathroom and shower installations, as well as outdoor areas such as balconies, terraces and flat roofs where rainwater can accumulate.

Formulation and flexibility
SEALiTe 2K is a non-toxic waterproofing compound that is easy to use and has greatly enhanced flexibility making it perfect when it comes to filling hairline cracks and concrete structures prone to cracking and glazing. Its next-dimension flexibility means that SEALiTe 2K won’t crack or delaminate and can be applied with total confidence in any scenario where water needs to be contained.

It can be used as a waterproof layer under bathroom tiles and where necessary, mesh can be embedded in the SEALiTe layer for added strength to improve performance. SEALiTe 2K is easy to use with two pre-measured ingredients supplied in the exact quantities required for error-free mixing on site.

Ease of application
When it comes to application tools, all that is needed to successfully apply this waterproofing compound is a standard trowel which is available with SEALiTe 2K from all good DIY and hardware stores. SEALiTe 2K has excellent adhesion to rock and concrete surfaces, is exceptionally durable, has exceptional tensile strength, is highly UV resistant and needs minimal maintenance after application.

As a lasting waterproofing system that is simple to apply, SEALiTe 2K surpasses other more complicated waterproofing products thanks to its inherent flexibility and intuitive application. Like all of the best ideas and products, it’s beauty is in its simplicity, enabling users to focus on the one clear goal of keeping water exactly where it’s supposed to be – away from harming their projects.

iTe Products is committed to supplying top-quality products to DIY enthusiasts and the construction and flooring industries. Their innovative products including SEALiTe 2K are based on rigorous quality control, dedicated research and development and aim to provide excellent results for your project.

For more information, contact iTe Products:
Tel: +27 (11) 864 4918
Website: www.iteproducts.co.za

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