Seven paint fashions for today

by Tania Wannenburg
7 paint fashions

Builders highlights seven top paint trends to breathe new life into rooms and add character to old furniture or décor items.

Paint can breathe new life into tired old rooms and turn tasteless items into treasures with character and charm. Much depends though on the choice of paint, and with new technology, techniques and colours adding many more options to the mix, Builders gives some guidance with seven top trends:

1. Space altering technology
“Modo Bigger, Lighter Rooms” contains suspended microscopic glass beads to help reflect light, making rooms appear 20% bigger and lighter. Besides white, the effect can also be achieved in cool pale greens and blues, especially when painting mouldings and ceilings in a contrasting colour such as white.

2. Family-friendly paints
With the latest range of Evolve paints, there is no need to air the room for a week after it was painted. Containing zero VOCs, this eco-friendly range of interior paints has no paint odour. The low-sheen interior PVA is also lead-free and solvent-free, being kind to families and the environment when used the same day.

3. Marvellous metallics
Metallics are timeless with copper being a current favourite. Transform old furniture or add some bling to a guest bathroom, something that is sure to be a conversation piece. Fired Earth’s range of metallics comes in smooth, shiny Liquid Metal or grainy Brushed Metal varieties.

4. Chalk for shabby-chic
Enthusiasts are finding more and more wonderful things to do with chalk paint, from reviving an old velvet couch to painting a floor. Fired Earth’s affordable range of French-inspired colours works particularly well with shabby chic and vintage styles. Add some clear or dark wax to give a project character and protect it.

5. Paintable wallpaper
After dying a decorator’s death in the late 1970s, wallpaper has made a comeback, supercharged by its genetically modified sibling, paintable wallpaper. Fired Earth paintable wallpaper is available in a number of trendy textured patterns, perfect for feature walls and easy to hang.

6. Spray it on
Rust-Oleum’s wide variety of hammered, textured, glassy, metallic, neon and more spray paints, allows endless creative possibilities. As an added bonus, Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch 2x contains both primer and paint in one, so there’s no fuss with undercoats, plus they are suitable for use indoors and outside on plastic, wood, cement and metal, among others.

7. Chalkboard walls
Chalkboards have long been a fad among anyone who wants to create a French-bistro vibe, but the latest is to paint entire walls in chalkboard paint, whether in kids’ rooms, the kitchen, an office or the patio. Modo offers chalkboard paint in Jet Blue, Ballet Pink, Butterfly Orange, Soda Green and Panther Black.

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