Since 2006, Alliance has become one of South Africa’s fastest-growing brands in the air-conditioning and water-heating field, filling market gaps with cutting-edge technology and unparalleled service value.  

 The Alliance Light Commercial Inverter Aircon Range is not just a product – it’s technology at its best:  

  • Alliance Floor Standing Airconditioner: Perfect for those spaces with high ceilings or temporary structures that demand powerful cooling and heating without the need for wall mounting. 
  • Alliance Light Commercial Inverter Cassette: An efficient and compact choice, it integrates seamlessly into ceilings, providing even air distribution without taking up wall space. 
  • Alliance Light Commercial Ducted Inverter: Ideal for establishments requiring a concealed yet potent cooling solution, ensuring a uniform temperature throughout. 
  • Alliance Light Commercial Underceiling Inverter: The range promises effective temperature control without compromising aesthetics and is designed for flexible installation on ceilings and vertically against walls.  


  • Budget-friendly brilliance: Quality and affordability go hand in hand with Alliance. Its Light Commercial Range is the go-to for projects with budget constraints, whilst assuring no compromise on excellence.  
  • Green comfort: Alliance prioritises the environment with high energy efficiencies, broader operation frequencies and reduced energy consumption.  
  • Adaptable design: Whether it’s for homes, offices, malls, schools or hotels, these products are crafted to integrate seamlessly into a variety of spaces. The designs are tailored for restricted ceiling areas, ensuring that comfort remains at the forefront. 
  • Steadfast reliability: With innovative heat dissipation technology combined with refrigerants, Alliance guarantees consistent performance even in the most challenging temperatures.  

Alliance products are available through its distributor, Fourways Group. It’s not just an air-conditioner or a heater – it’s a commitment to a superior and sustainable environment. 

Backed by the trusted national distributor, Fourways Group, every Alliance product comes with the promise of nationwide support. 


For more information, contact Alliance Africa: 

Tel: +27 44 704 6320 



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