Set the mood with coloured grouts and sealants

by Ofentse Sefolo
Set the mood with coloured grouts and sealants

Mapei has launched a collection of grout colours that enable designers to personalise their spaces. The five colour schemes are called Natural, Traditional, Romance, Glamour and Serene and include a wide range of shades and hues suitable for any project.

Why use colour grout?
Grout is porous, which means it is full of tiny holes and grooves. With everyday use and traffic, food stains, dirt and grime, bacteria and allergens find their way into these tiny holes. Some of the contaminants are removed with mopping and scrubbing, but one of the main causes of dirty grout is dirty mop water, which can settle into the pores.

Professional cleaning removes the contaminants that are trapped deep beneath the porous surface, but not all commercial and residential clients have a professional cleaning company to clean their floors each week. By filling the pores with colour grout, they will no longer be absorbent. Instead of opting for a clear grout, you can now choose a grout colour that complements your floor as well as other interior design elements.

Colour grout is a game changer because it fills nooks and crannies of the grout, keeping it stain resistant for years. This type of grout can also help you avoid unsightly discolorations from bleach spots or stains from spills. Colour grout can give your floor a fresh, new and uniform look.

All Mapei grouts for ceramic tiles and stone material comply with EN 13888 standards. Visit Mapei’s website for a full list of the colours that are available.

Grout colours shown here may not accurately represent the actual colour of the installed grout because of jobsite conditions, product preparation, installation methods, lighting, image variance on computer monitors, and the type of tile or stone utilised. For an accurate colour representation, please refer to Mapei Coloured Grouts samples.

For more information, contact Mapei on +27 (11) 552 8476 or via www.mapei.co.za.

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