Proudly highlighting a project division that was formulated to focus intently on numerous cleaning needs.

Bidvest Prestige Cleaning, incorporated in Bidvest Managed Solutions (BMS), is able to offer its clients a unique service offering – namely specialised cleaning through its Projects Region – that sets the division apart from its competitors.

Within their scope of activities is the deep cleaning of carpets; restoration, cleaning and polishing of natural sandstone and concrete; high-access cleaning and solar panel cleaning.

All work is done with fully trained staff, under supervision and with due regard for all Health and Safety requirements.

Their stone and concrete programs include use of specialised equipment, grinding disks and polishing pads. Their work is done to the highest standards and will exceed their clients’ requirements.

The projects teams also offer a range of cleaning services suitable for all carpet types and fibres. Their methods have been approved by all the leading carpet manufacturers.

The following two methods of cleaning have achieved considerable success:
1.    Host Dry Extraction – This is a fully environment-friendly method that is 100% natural, it is wool safe and can be used on any fibre type.
2.    Encapsulation – Here specialised chemicals and pads are used with our encapsulation machine. A fine mist spray of the product is applied on the carpet, and is worked into the fibre. The chemical forms a microscopic crystal around the dirt particle which is then vacuumed away. This method is not only more productive, but ensures reduced water usage, meaning faster drying times.

BMS are confident that through their projects region we can offer cost-effective solutions to all your specialised cleaning needs.