Senses showcase ceramic possibilities

by Ofentse Sefolo
Senses showcase ceramic possibilities

The #6Senses Stand by APE Grupo at Cevisama 2020, recently held in Valencia, Spain, awakened visitors’ senses to an avant-garde experience unlike any other. Collections at the stand were divided into six spaces, each representing a different sense, including the sixth sense of intuition, which links to the group’s “perfect mix” concept of ceramic collections combining in different ways to produce surprising results.

Visitors to the 350m² stand went on a journey that invigorated their sight, touch, smell, taste and hearing, while showcasing the versatility of their ceramics – from the most decorative, fashionable product to the most technical, specialised product. Music was carefully selected to complement tiles, appealing to guests’ hearing, and included classics harmonising with the Calcatta and Golden Black Marble collections.

The #6Senses Stand by APE Grupo awakened visitors’ senses to an avant-garde experience at Cevisama in Spain.

Individuals wandered around among birds, plants and past an original painting by Juan Ripollés, a Castellón artist and sculptor, while viewing the exotic decoration of the Silk series. Special attention was applied to the sense of touch, where visitors could appreciate fine details such as the embossed textures of the Re-use or Naxos collections.


A fragrance of orange blossom, a symbol of the tile-producing area Castellón, along with notes of peach and vanilla, fragrantly scented the air at the stand. Visitors were even able to “taste” ceramics by enjoying a limited-edition selection of chocolates, named after the new product collection. This bold, one-of-a-kind stand sent visitors on a boundless exploration of possibilities available through APE Grupo’s ceramics.

The design of the collection is inspired by the look of recycled paper. This is a rectified wall tile made of white clay. The collection is complemented by two options for decors. Tile colours include white, grey and beige.


This bright and colourful collection made itself known at the Cersaie 2019 exhibition. The success of the series is due to the fact that it presents the basic tile in white (smooth and embossed), which is the perfect backdrop for colourful decors with drawings of tropical flora and fauna.

Full thanks and acknowledgement are given to APE Grupo for the information in this article.

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