Self-levelling screed & epoxy build-up system ideal for hospitals

by Tania Wannenburg
abe self levelling screeed and epoxy build up system for hospitals Jnl 5 16

Several products from a.b.e. have been selected to install in hospitals for their numerous benefits.

Dustless abescreed SLC P from a.b.e. is a single-pack, rapid hardening cement-based screed for self-levelling floors, ideal for environments where quick setting is essential for floorcoverings such as carpets, ceramic tiles, vinyl, wood block or cork that need to be applied quickly.

a.b.e. National Sales Manager: Flooring, Peter Jones, says abescreed SLC P has many benefits. “To give just a few examples; it can be pumped or hand-laid; about 2 000² can be pumped per day; it can be walked on after only two to four hours; and it won’t harbour bacteria, which is vital for premises such as hospital and clinic floors,” he highlights.

In the last few months, abescreed SLC P has been installed at Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital and several other hospitals, including 2 Military and Karl Bremer hospitals in Cape Town, Vredenburg Hospital, De Aar Hospital, Polokwane Hospital, Newcastle Hospital and a major hospital in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

abescreed QC is a four-component, solvent-free flooring system, comprising a clear resin, a coarse scatter aggregate, an epoxy encapsulating mix and the quartz coloured aggregate. It is a hardwearing and chemical-resistant floor topping with a seamless, hygienic floor finish when sealed. It is also sealed with abecote flooring resin and top-coated with abecote PUD. It should be noted that the sealing step with the abecote epoxy flooring resin may be omitted. A non-slip, rougher-textured, sealed surface can still be obtained by applying only two coats of the abecote PUD.

Typical areas where it is applied include kitchens, wet and dry process areas where the floor is subjected to heavy traffic, impact and chemical spills. “The fact that it offers excellent resistance to sugars, acids and chemicals in general, has a low odour due to the absence of any solvents, and is clean and sterile with low maintenance requirements, are the very reasons why 3 500m² of the abescreed QC has been installed at Ngwelezane Hospital,” Peter concludes.

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