Doormats are used in doorways or entrances and serve different purposes. These can be scraping dirt from feet as people enter the premises, preventing debris or moisture from entering the room or serving as an advertisement opportunity.

Doormats have a critical function; accordingly, it is essential to choose the right walk-off and doormats for your needs. Considerations must include whether it will be used indoors or outdoors and what other environmental factors it will be subjected to. Mats come in a variety of sizes, colours and textures. They can also be personalised or branded and used as welcome mats at an entrance. In this way an organisation can carry its message throughout the premises.

Types of doormats for different areas

  • Offices: Consider branded mats to advertise the organisation to adds even more professionalism to a company. The company’s logo can be branded on the mat or any other information such as the organisation’s vision or mission statement and can be manufactured to suit the size of the area where it is needed.
Commercial entrance matting systems, ideal for businesses

A non-slip rubber backing is essential for safety reasons and will assist to trap debris and moisture from visitors’ shoes.

  • Industries: Scrape rubber doormats made from durable and resilient rubber are perfect for high traffic where there are many people employed. Rubber mats can be used outside, they withstand high temperature, are chemical resistant, can withstand pressure and stains and can absorb moisture.
  • Schools: Schools also endure a lot of traffic, so doormats when entering the administration block, classrooms and bathrooms are essential to keep floors as dirt-free as possible. The best option for this environment is rubber mats. They are hardy, waterproof, chemical resistant, anti-slip, easy to clean and catch dirt from pupils’ shoes upon entering.
  • Indoor areas: Indoor mats can be used to remove debris or moisture from feet when entering a doorway from the outside.
  • Outdoor areas: Mats used outdoors need rubber backing or heavy-duty vinyl to ensure good grip and durability.

The importance of the material used in walk-offs and doormats

It is essential to choose the correct entrance matting for any building as it can make a huge difference when it comes to performance, durability, and value for money. The type of material used is key. Some materials handle and absorb moisture better than others because of their quick-drying properties; some fibres retain their structure making them more crush-resistant, while other materials are by their very composition simply more durable.

How do I select the perfect entrance mat?

The manufacturing technique (tufting, weaving or needle punch) also influences the material and contributes to the functionality of the mat. When the matting is made from a combination of materials, it has a multi-action performance. These are specifically ideal for entrance mats as some strips will scrape, some strips will brush, and others will wipe moisture.

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