Seen @ Cersaie 2019

by Zuerita
Seen @ Cersaie 2019

Cersaie 2019 took place recently in Bologna, Italy. This year, the world’s largest tile exhibition hosted 869 exhibitors, including 332 non-Italian companies from 39 countries, accounting for 161 000m² of exhibition space. Exhibitors presented a host of fascinating products that effortlessly fuse technology with fun, sophistication and maturity. Here is our list of some of the top products spotted at Cersaie this year:

Watercolour and floral details create a captivating effect.

Bloom by Ceramica del Conca is conceived from the fusion of small and large fragments of different marbles. The watercolour effect softens the edges, re-proposing them as marble petals, while the insertion of small floral details within certain areas turns the decoration into a completely new wallpaper effect.

Designed in a large slab to create a true focal point, it can serve as a background to the dining room or as a characterising feature of a bathroom or a hotel lobby. In the tiling format, it becomes an abstract composition that reinterprets the flooring of XXL Venetian terrazzo, immediately attracting attention and offering spaces rich in style.


Panaria Ceramica’s range is inspired by the oldest, most authentic rock formations.

Panaria Ceramica’s new range takes inspiration from the most diverse natural stones and reinterprets them in an unprecedented composition of colours, surfaces and finishes. Pierre des Rêves told Ibagnnonews.it that the company studied the oldest, most authentic rock formations to create the collection. Panaria was driven by the deep passion of making ceramics as well as the great ability to transform the raw material into artefacts with an original look and flavour.

Finibec’s new collections focus on the future of ceramic tiles, on new applications for slabs in architecture and interior design, and on its aesthetic research to create exclusive original inspirations for designers. The Fire and Over slabs displayed colours, details and textures.

The Fire collection is mainly inspired by rare, almost unobtainable materials. The new entries for the Over range take their cue from exotic varieties of marble with striking colours, transforming a timeless material into innovative solutions for contemporary design.

Retour by Flaviker is inspired by recycled materials, in this case a “return” to cementitious stone. It focuses in particular on Montpellier stone, revisiting the material in accordance with the industrial moodboard typical of the latest generation of bestselling Flaviker products.

The company presented a preview for the Navona range, an unfilled travertine with a surprising three-dimensional look, and Savoy, which is inspired by grey marble from the French Alps and ideal for creating opulent and elegant atmospheres.

Bestille presented their always stylish and high-polish Natural Charm collections. The classic black-and-white, dramatic looks and warm essence are distinguishing tiles for modern living. They also showcased their new 3D collections of porcelain tiles that are focused on stones and evocate a time of renewal and the fleeting nature of life. Centenar, Tikal and Kerala are a reinterpretation through the pressing, manufacturing and enamelling process, which achieves a beautiful result.

Full thanks and acknowledgement are given to www.delconcna.com, www.confindustriaceramica.it, www.panariagroup.it, www.ibagnnonews.it, www.fincibec.it and www.bestile.es.

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