Security solutions fit for more than one purpose

by Zuerita
Security solutions fit for more than one purpose

Mention ‘security barriers’ to anyone that has not experienced a traumatic home invasion and they lose interest in the conversation. In our opinion, however, it is the responsibility of the professionals that design, build and decorate homes to ensure that home safety is part of the discussion on a new build or alteration, said Lloyd Makanza, Business Development Manager at Trellidor.

“Trellidor shares this responsibility because we are the experts in this field, having secured tens of thousands of homes around the country and abroad in the over 40 years of our existence. We have a wealth of learnings to share with professionals that want to do the right thing for their clients by incorporating security measures into their designs.”
Over the years Trellidor has introduced door and window solutions that do more than just protect the occupants and their possessions. This makes the products multi-purpose, cost efficient and a more attractive prospect for the design professional as well as the client.

Clear Guard screens
‘Fly screens on steroids’ is how Trellidor Clear Guard has been described. It does keep out flies. Also mosquitoes, snakes, spiders, monkeys and baboons. But it was designed as a see-through security screen with the ability to keep out human intruders.

“Trellidor set out the criteria for the development of the coated woven steel mesh that makes up the bulk of this design. It had to be strong enough to withstand an assault from various tools used by criminals. We added an aluminium frame and Trellidor locks to bring it up to our product strength standards,” said Makanza.

The result is an attractive screen for doors and windows in a wide range of configurations. It is see-through and the perfect solution for homes with great views and where the seamless integration between interiors and the outdoors is an imperative.

Security louvre shutters
Louvre shutters have become the window treatment of choice in recent years and many of them are touted as security barriers too. Very few, however, have the strength to resist an attack by a home invader armed with the right tools.
Trellidor was a later-comer to this market, but spent time developing a product that was worthy of the Trellidor reputation for strength under attack. The result is a clean-lined aluminium louvre shutter with no external clutter and that is attractive as well as proper protection from external threats.

This window solution is satisfyingly multi-purpose and cost effective over the long term. It is a security solution and window blind in one lovely product, with no need to add curtains to the mix.

Roller shutters and Polycarbonate bars
Aluminium roller shutters and Polycarbonate bars are two more security solutions designed to fulfil several roles as well enhance new buildings and alterations.

Working with building professionals during the design phase, Trellidor consultants can ensure that roller shutters can be hidden inside ceiling or wall cavities. The shutters can then be kept out of sight until required to perform their protection function. They can be fully automated and fitted to doors as well as windows.

These shutters can be used for purposes other than security. They assist with internal climate control, block out severe weather, create a safe zone, and extend entertainment areas into outdoor areas.

Polycarbonate bars are popular because they are virtually invisible and stop monkeys and baboons from getting inside homes. They are also acceptable to cluster housing estates that ban conventional burglar bars.

Trellidor supplies a slim-line framed version that is far stronger than strips screwed into window frames. It can’t be expected to provide the same level of protection as steel burglar proofing, but is more than adequate in medium crime risk locations.

Turn-key Trellidor service
Trellidor franchises provide a turn-key service to the building industry, providing specifications for Trellidor products during planning, installing the selected products at the right stage of completion, and doing a comprehensive hand-over to the building’s occupants.

The service includes supplying blinds and shutters from the Taylor Blinds range as well as decorative mouldings from NMC Decorations. Both these companies are part of the Trellidor group.

Trellidor franchises are easily accessible as they’re distributed throughout the country, with many of the urban areas served by more than one franchise. Find a supplier at www.trellidor.co.za

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