Introducing a new seamless safety flooring range specifically designed for the harsh African climate.

A stalwart of the flooring industry for the past 25 years and owner of Seamless Flooring Systems (SFS), Jeremy Stewart is a man on a mission. Not satisfied with his company being one of the largest seamless stone flooring distribution companies in the world, he is now fast establishing SFS as one of the frontrunners in the seamless safety rubber flooring category. Few companies operate in as many countries, train as many staff, and are so committed to product testing and product development as SFS, which equates to supplying the right product for the right job,the first time.

Seamless Flooring Systems owns the Quartz Carpet brand, known to many in the architectural, design and residential markets as a natural, slip-resistant, seamless quartz flooring system. Quartz Carpet is increasingly being chosen as a flooring option by architects and designers working within green building and design code parameters.

SFS has worked closely with SIDEC from Belgium for 12 years, a stone-processing plant and the largest alluvial quartz distributor in the world. SIDEC has been awarded the prestigious ISO 14001 certification for Environmental Management Systems. This further highlights how Quartz Carpet aggregate is processed under the strictest European standards with regard to collecting, aggregating, washing, decontaminating, fire burning, drying and packaging of the product.

Closing in on 1 million m² of floors laid in Africa, Quartz Carpet has no intention of slowing down and has recently introduced 26 revolutionary Pearlescent and 6 Metallic colours into its range.

Recently, Seamless Flooring Systems introduced its new division and brand – PLAYSaFE seamless safety flooring.

PLAYSaFE is an African brand that has been specifically adapted and developed for the African climate and conditions. In order to provide the best safety rubber or related product for their applications, PLAYSaFE represents MELOS from Germany – considered the largest EPDM safety coloured granule manufacturing company in the world; POLYSOFT from Australia, one of the largest water theme park safety flooring systems in the world; and NOTTSPORT from the UK – a specialist supplier of synthetic surfacing systems for children’s playgrounds. In addition, PLAYSaFE distributes its own ECORUBBA recycled rubber flooring brand, screeded to any thickness and made from recycled rubber and solvent-free resin.

The resins used are specifically formulated for the harsh UV climate of Southern Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands and are all 100% solvent-free. Both the stone and the resin colouring processes are completed in ISO 9001 certified plants in South Africa and Europe.

The scope of experience and commitment to its flooring products have made, and continue to make, Seamless Flooring Systems popular with professionals.

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