Seamless Terrazzo – Top Flooring Trend

by Tania Wannenburg

Flowcrete SA has witnessed how seamless terrazzo flooring solutions have become a hot choice for architects and specifiers involved in sustainable construction projects throughout 2012.

Having been used as a surface product since Roman times, terrazzo flooring has withstood the test of time and it’s this ability that ensures the material remains popular and commercially available today.

Seamless terrazzo solutions are increasingly being specified in high-traffic commercial developments including shopping malls, airport terminals, schools, hotels and leisure facilities.

Unlike tile or other pre-fabricated counterparts, seamless terrazzo, laid in situ, creates a smooth, joint-free, impervious finish and can be laid in a variety of complicated patterns and designs across the surface of the floor.

Rather than just delivering a platform to walk over, seamless terrazzo is enabling architects and interior designers to create a vibrant and eye-catching surface underfoot, one that not only engages with a building’s owner and users but also connects the floor to the surrounding environment.

Providing a luxury alternative to granite and marble tiles, Flowcrete South Africa’s seamless terrazzo flooring range, Mondéco, delivers a stylish surface suited for use in upmarket commercial environments.

Over the last three years Flowcrete has been involved in a number of large-scale terrazzo projects across the globe including Westfield’s White City retail development in London, the Médiacité Liège mall in Belgium and the breathtaking Iluma Urban Entertainment Centre in Singapore.

Breaking the mould of traditional flooring, all three projects feature colour blocking, curved lines and asymmetrical patterns – creating flow for consumers in the retail environment as they wind their way around these supermalls. The system’s flexibility allows for bespoke designs and patterns to be incorporated into the floor, in specially formulated corporate colours.

Seamless terrazzo is a great choice for high-traffic environments such as these. Incorporating hardwearing aggregates including granite, marble, mother-of-pearl and mirror glass, this robust material can withstand heavy footfall and aggressive cleaning regimes which will cause no distress or damage to the floor finish. The mix of aggregates, combined within a coloured resin matrix, creates a unique, luxurious aesthetic that is largely unrivalled in the flooring industry.

Delivering a joint-free, easily cleaned finish – with no cracks or crevices to harbour dirt or dust – the Mondéco range offers extreme wear, scratch and abrasion resistance that can withstand heavy volumes of foot traffic.

Aside from the material’s excellent durability and decorative looks, new innovations in flooring technology have led to the development of ‘greener’ and more competitively priced terrazzo solutions being introduced to the market.

Some of the products in the Mondéco range are made with 50% recycled material, such as crushed clear and coloured glass, mirror glass and metallic particles, set in an epoxy resin matrix and ground to a smooth, matt finish.

The Mondéco range of terrazzo flooring can be re-polished and re-sealed over time as part of the floor maintenance regime to prolong the product’s lifespan. This, combined with the material’s other benefits, assists specification professionals meet sustainable construction standards.

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