Seamless, robust floor for material-handling equipment company

by Madelein
Seamless, robust floor for material-handling equipment company

With over 60 years’ experience in the manufacturing, distribution and support of material-handling equipment to a broad spectrum of industries, Bell Equipment Global produces world-class machinery. The company recently worked with Flowcrete to find a durable and wear resistant floor coating for the first phase of an extensive refurbishment at its Richards Bay facility.

Besides being aesthetically pleasing, the flooring was important from a health and safety point of view. Bell Equipment Global originally requested a self-levelling epoxy but was convinced to use Peran PTS for phase one of the refurbishment instead. After in-depth consultations with Flowcrete’s experts and seeing the success of the system in a similar manufacturing space, they were convinced that Peran PTS would be perfect for the job.

Across the Articulated Dump Trucks (ADT) assembly line, 2500m² of the chemical, temperature and wear resistant system was used. The system had to be able to handle the challenges inherent in vehicle manufacturing, including exposure to grease and oil, as well as the potential of high footfall, wheeled traffic and the dropping of tools.

ADT vehicles weigh tens of tonnes each and the flooring had to be able to withstand this extreme weight. With a compressive strength of >70 N/mm² and tensile strength of >10 N/mm², Peran PTS is ideal for tolerating intense loads while maintaining a high-end finish that will not show signs of premature wear.

Dust and dirt can easily be cleaned away without the risk of falling into the joints in the floor’s surface thanks to the seamless nature of the system. Safety was further enhanced with bright yellow line demarcation across the assembly line to show a clear pathway through the manufacturing areas.

The first phase of the project was completed in four weeks. The phased approach is necessary to ensure the facility remains open throughout the refurbishment. In total, 15 000m² of new flooring will be applied throughout Bell Equipment Global’s site in batches of 2 500m².

For more information, contact Flowcrete on Tel: +27 (31) 701 0017 or via www.flowcretesa.co.za.

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