Seamless resin terrazzo flooring at idyllic Cape wine estate restaurant

by Madelein
Seamless resin terrazzo flooring at idyllic Cape wine estate restaurant

Benguela Cove, an idyllic wine estate in the Cape, recently opened a new restaurant called The Moody Lagoon, where guests are treated to amazing views of the Atlantic Ocean and Bot River lagoon.

Benguela Cove is one of the most prominent lifestyle estates in Walker Bay, so the interior design scheme of the restaurant needed to convey the operational standards and sophisticated identity that patrons would expect. To achieve the right level of aesthetic appeal, durability and functionality, 300m² of Flowcrete’s seamless resin terrazzo system, Mondéco Earth was applied, creating a bespoke, stylised floor.

The chosen colours, Pebble Grey and Dark Grey, created a stylised pattern of geometric squares, rectangles and lines within the restaurant’s seating area. The complementary colours and patterns of the terrazzo flooring system perfectly mirrored the interior décor of the restaurant in which classical themes and imagery had been combined with bold colours and contemporary twists.

The end result is a stunning environment of bespoke interiors, colour, art and views, where no expense has been spared. Mondéco Earth further added to the opulent atmosphere with the inclusion of light-reflective decorative aggregates, which create a shimmering finish across the floor. Thanks to its special, paint-by-numbers application technique, Mondéco Earth can be applied in unique configurations. Metal trims are used to lay out the desired pattern before the chosen coloured is poured into the corresponding area within the metal outline. The colour is then ground down and polished several times until a smooth, shiny surface is achieved.

The seamless nature of the product offers a key cleaning advantage, as anything dropped can be washed away quickly and easily before it can spoil the interior’s appearance. Managers at the restaurant can rest assured that high heels, spilled wine and frequent washing won’t damage the floor as the impervious and hard wearing nature of resin terrazzo means that it will retain its strong visual properties even after years of use and wear.

For more information, contact Flowcrete on Tel: +27 (31) 461 3411 or via www.flowcretesa.co.za.

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