Sealants used on Steyn City walkways

by Madelein
Sealants used on Steyn City walkways

A joint with the correct dimensions and suitable seal is able to absorb movements between building materials, extending the longevity of a flooring project. Den Braven Hybriflex-540 is ideal for use in dilation joints and joints in both interior and exterior pedestrian walkways. Hybriflex-540 was recently used at Steyn City for the outdoor walkways.

This sealant delivers all the benefits of elastic bonding, such as very high resistance to UV degradation and weathering as well as excellent adhesion to a wide range of substrates with minimum surface preparation. Den Braven Polyethylene (foam) backing cord can be used with these sealants in joints as a bond breaker.

Den Braven Hybriflex-540 is particularly hard wearing and ideal in helping prevent the edges of mechanically heavily loaded industrial flooring, concrete and tiled edges, from cracking. It also has a very high tear resistance and is largely impervious to oil, grease and water.

For more information contact Den Braven:
Tel: +27 (11) 792 3830
Website: www.denbraven.co.za

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