Sealants increase fire safety

by Darren
Sealants increase fire safety DEN BRAVEN

Den Braven has introduced a new FireProtect® range for passive fire protection in buildings.

Recognising the importance of taking precautions against the risk of fire, Den Braven has introduced a new FireProtect® range for passive fire protection in buildings.

Should a fire break out, occupants in buildings such as offices, shopping centres and hotels need sufficient time to evacuate. Therefore measures need to be in place to limit the spread of flames, heat and smoke, and ultimately increase fire safety. Proper interventions can save lives, reduce material damage, minimise business loss, protect the structure of buildings and keep them accessible after the fire has been extinguished.  

Passive fire protection
FireProtect® is a complete range of fully certified and approved passive fire protection products for application in expansion and connection joints, openings and surface penetrations, as well as between fire compartments.

The range includes an FP Acrylic sealant, FP Silicone sealant, FP Hybrid sealant and FP PU foam filler. Each of these specialised products has a potential fire retardancy of up to four hours and boasts international fire certifications.

“Passive fire protection products are the primary materials included in the construction of a building,” Den Braven’s Michael Berg explains. “By correctly applying these products, the fundamental and legal requirements of compartmentalisation can be met. Additionally, they contribute to the structural stability of a building and provide time to safely evacuate or clear it. Passive fire protection limits the spread of flames and smoke, which also limits the transfer and spreading of fire between fire compartments.”

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