Sealants for hygienic floors

Joints and junctions represent the Achilles heel of industrial flooring. They often bear stresses similar to the floor itself, while accommodating structural movement. Sika has a long history in joint sealants and offers advice on mitigating risks in healthcare facilities. 

Joint issues 

Floor joints can be found in different parts of a construction, and they need to meet performance criteria based on the function and location of the joint. Joints need to remain water, air, heat, cold and vapor tight. Damaged joints pose a hygiene hazard, as they provide a haven for dirt and bacteria. They also exacerbate maintenance challenges and are a costly issue for building owners and managers. 

Sika systems 

Sealants for hygienic floors

Hygienically sealed floor joints are key for healthcare facilities.

For healthcare facilities, where seamless surfaces are important, Sika offers liquid-applied flooring systems that cure into seamless, durable floors, boasting antimicrobial properties, impermeability, easy maintenance and aesthetic appeal. 

  • Sikafloor® and Sikagard® coating systems are ideal for wet room floors. They provide long-term resistance against soaps and cleaning chemicals and resist bacterial growth.  
  • Sika® FloorJoint and Sikaflex® solutions are engineered to seal joints hygienically, withstand mechanical wear and accommodate structural shifts. 

The adoption of Sika’s jointless flooring solutions ensures cleanliness and durability. This facilitates faster and easier maintenance and promotes a hygienic environment essential for healthcare settings. 


Hygienically sealed joints in floors aid in reducing bacterial growth, ensure easy maintenance and deliver a seamless, smooth floor. 


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