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Delivering superior sealing properties, Bu-Tack butyl tape is proudly distributed by trusted packaging and adhesive supplier, NuTape. The product is a high-performance polyisobutylene (PIB) based sealing tape, ideal for the sealing of roofing side and end laps, screw holes, rooflights, gutters, flashings, skylights and roof ventilation fan fittings, rainwater downpipes and gutters. 

When installed between each panel overlap, it forms an effective weather barrier that prevents the passage of water, moisture, dirt and air when applied to a properly prepared surface or joint. 

Issue: Cost-effective instant seal for metal roofing joints and seams. 
Solution: Bu-Tack butyl tape from NuTape makes an instant seal on multiple types of substrates, sealing and protecting roof sheets and gutters. 


Bu-Tack butyl tape is also well suited for use in sealing duct flanges in heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems, creating an air, dust or water seal for compressor joints and seams.  

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