Sika has donated waterproofing joint sealing and provided other products at highly reduced prices towards the new seabird hospital for the Southern African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds (SANCCOB).
In operation for 33 years in Table View, Cape Town, modern facilities were desperately needed and the new facility will increase the capacity to save more birds, improve the standard of care and educate more people about seabird conservation.

To seal wall-floor joints in the three newly constructed exercise pools, Sika sponsored SikaSwell-P Profiles that swell in contact with water. With a protective coating to avoid premature swelling, this product is highly versatile. Meeting international standards for water tightness, resistance to ageing and hydrophilic sealing, SikaSwell-P profiles require no hardening time or welding.

A water-resisting and crystalline waterproofing concrete admixture, Sika WT-200 was added to the concrete mix at AfriSam. Active components permanently seal concrete and enhance its self-healing properties.

Sikafloor-20N PurCem, a polyurethane-modified cement and aggregate coating, was used in high-traffic areas and the new wash bays where oiled seabirds will be decontaminated. This coloured coating can withstand severe cleaning regimes, while its bio-static surface helps to prevent the growth of bacteria or fungi. For other areas in the hospital, Sikafloor-263 SL, a multi-purpose binder based on epoxy resin, was supplied.

To ensure the correct applications of Sikafloor-31 N PurCem and Sikafloor-263 SL, Sika involved a specialist contractor who agreed to charge cost price for labour.

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Caption main image: The wall-floor joints in the penguin pools are sealed with SikaSwell-P Profiles.