Screen walls for privacy and protection

by Darren
Screen walls for privacy

Trellidor’s Clear Guard security screens offer privacy, climate control assistance and a shield against humans, insects and animals.

More than just providing protection against home or business robbery, purpose-designed security screens offer privacy, climate control assistance and a shield against insects and animals – delivering a complete see-through security package.

Trellidor developed the Clear Guard security screens in response to a market that needed a defence mechanism against rising house robberies, but was not keen on intrusive barriers. Installed alongside windows and doors to add an additional layer to a well thought-out security plan, Trellidor Clear Guard is discrete, streamlined and virtually transparent.

The barriers are made to match the style of the window or door, so sliding glazed doors, for example, would be protected by sliding Trellidor Clear Guard doors. Closed and locked, the security screens help to keep out intruders and stop insects, monkeys, baboons and snakes from getting inside the home.

A complete package
Although Trellidor Clear Guard security screens are see-through from inside the house, it is difficult for those on the outside to see into the property. This makes it the ideal form of “walling” for the outer perimeter of verandas, creating a private, safe space for relaxation.

The woven stainless steel mesh screen provides a formidable obstacle to potential robbers and has performed well under attack tests. The mesh is powder-coated and pre-treated against corrosion, making it suitable for coastal conditions.

It also allows a degree of air flow and light penetration, blocking out intense heat or cold and assisting with internal climate control. This means less dependence on electricity-consuming climate control methods such as fans and air-conditioners.

Custom-made to suit any project
Trellidor Clear Guard is a custom-made security barrier design that requires expert measuring, design and installation. Trellidor franchises offer a professional service, working together with designers, specifiers, architects and builders to provide the right security solution for their projects.

Security barriers are usually retro-fitted, but it is advisable to collaborate with Trellidor consultants at the design phase on product specifications. This helps to avoid limitations in the building that could impact negatively on the installation of physical barriers once the building is complete.

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