Saving time and money with premium mosaic fix

by Madelein
Saving time and money with premium mosaic fix

Identifying a need in the ceramic tile industry, Douglas Jones has become a major player in the supply of décor, mosaic and accent tile products, which they import from all over the world. They are offering the South African market unique, fashionable and inspiring mosaic and decorative tiles via their vast range, which is tailored to the various tastes of international interior design studios and architectural firms alike.

The installation of mosaic tiles requires specialist products and installation, as they are very different to normal tiles, given that they generate more movement and therefore need a quick-setting, high-tensile-strength adhesive that has the ability to absorb the additional movement of the sheets.

Specialist products and advice

Douglas Jones’s Creative Assembly Department consists of 20 dedicated employees who concentrate on designing and creating bespoke patterns, fades and mixes for every client.

The DJ Mosaic Fix is a premium product and with its low dust formulation, the mosaic fix is easy to mix, easy to apply and fast setting (six hours), which provides installation in a shorter period of time, saving both time and money. It is available in white, dove grey and dark grey.

Douglas Jones will always strive to be the leader in the mosaic and tile décor industry, and to continually import products that will inspire the construction industry to incorporate these products into every new build, be it commercial, industrial or residential. Douglas Jones also endeavours to source any product for a commercial project, should they not offer it in their normal stock holdings.

For more information on their products and designs, contact Douglas Jones:
Tel: +27 21 706 7251
Email: info@douglasjones.co.za
Website: www.douglasjones.co.za

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