Smart energy company, Plentify, makes affordable, reliable and clean electricity a reality with its innovative new product, HotBot. Launched recently in Johannesburg and the surrounding areas, this smart home device intelligently controls your geyser to save energy and reduce electricity bills.

“HotBot is a game changer for South Africans struggling with high electricity bills and loadshedding,” said Jon Kornik, chief executive officer of Plentify. “Not only does it reduce your water heating costs by up to 30%, but HotBots on just 10% of geysers can eliminate an entire stage of loadshedding for everybody. We are excited to bring this innovative product to Johannesburg and help residents save money while contributing to a more sustainable energy future.”

The concerns:

  • Geysers account for 40% to 60% of electricity bills.
  • Electricity prices have increased five-fold in the past ten years.
  • Traditional geyser timers work in isolation and can contribute to loadshedding.
  • A typical geyser bursts every five to ten years due to undetected issues. 

HotBot addresses these concerns by:

  • Proactively shifting electricity usage away during peak times, ensuring hot water when needed and saving energy when you don’t need it.
  • Detecting and alerting homeowners to leaks.
  • Intelligently syncing with other HotBots to shift the electricity demand towards times when solar is available and away from times of loadshedding.

With the launch of HotBot in Johannesburg, the company is taking a step towards achieving its mission of providing affordable, reliable and clean energy services for everyone in South Africa.

Top tip: HotBots on just 10% of geysers can eliminate an entire stage of loadshedding for everybody.

For more information, contact Plentify:
Tel: +27 21 465 1907

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