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Architects face a number of challenges when it comes to planning a building that is beautiful, modern, functional as well as sustainable. Designing a green building, starts with choosing sustainable materials that will meet the needs of the client, as well as environmental requirements.

Glass blocks by Aluglass Bautech are able to reduce the environmental impact of the project, while simultaneously enhancing the aesthetic appeal and functionality of the building. Thanks to the natural transparency, glass can brighten up any interior space with sunlight, thus reducing electricity consumption during the day.

Glass blocks
Seves glass blocks provide high thermal performances. The product is developed using ES technology, which effectively reduces the expenditure of energy through glass blocks, thus improving their energy-efficiency.

The glass blocks are also entirely recyclable at the end of their lifecycle, as it is made from all natural raw materials through a low-impact production process where the excess remains of one production cycle are used in the next one.

Product benefits
•    Protect the building from fire with fireproof glass bricks.
•    Safety for applications which need a high safety level.
•    Create a more comfortable indoor environment thanks to the insulation properties of glass bricks.
•    Glass bricks allow lots of natural light within a building.
•    Energy-saving advantages.
•    Definition of space with a harmonic combination of colours, light, shapes and textures.
•    The most prestigious projects realised in glass blocks.

Seves glass blocks and tiles are perfect for creating facades, partition walls or simple decorative elements that enhance style, colour and light. They can be added to any interior or exterior, residential or commercial project, in order to obtain the desired look and feel, in homes, offices, restaurants, commercial buildings, skylights and flooring. Noteworthy projects that have used Seves glass bricks include Discovery Uppark, St Raphael Apartments, The Core in Sandton, Wits University and Total House in Rosebank.

Technical features
•    Sound insulation: 40dB.
•    Thermal insulation: 2,81W/m² °K.
•    Fire resistance: integrity until 60 minutes and insulation until 15 minutes*.

Energy-saving glass blocks
For more sustainable applications, Seves has created the Pegasus energy-saving blocks, reducing the level of the block’s thermal transmittance to U = 1,5W/m² K (from U = 2,8W/m² K). This innovative technology prevents heat loss during the winter and keeps it outside during the summer, thus reducing the total energy consumption.

These glass blocks, known as Pegasus Metallised, effectively reduce the thermal transmittance of the glass block up to 50%, with the introduction of a low-emissivity glass plate and pressure-controlled argon gas. The glass plate is inserted between the glass block halves to interrupt the thermal bridge, while the argon gas is added to reduce the thermal transmission caused by convective motion.

The unique mirroring of the block’s outer edges produces a silver, optical effect that reduces the perception of gaps between the glass blocks and renders the glass surface even more brilliant and intriguing. Pegasus glass blocks have unique external edges (called “wings”), which measure 6mm. These “wings” are the result of a specific production process and provide two important structural functions, namely reducing the grouting to a mere 2mm, therefore eliminating the optical perception of joints, and hiding the load-bearing elements within the hollow recesses between the blocks. The result is a continuous “all glass” wall that emits brightness and light in all environments.

Technical details
Dimensions (cm):             19 x 19 x 8.
Weight (kg):             2,3.
Number of pieces/m²:         25/27*.
*Variable amount depending on the size of grouting.
If the project design demands aesthetic appeal, environmental benefits, thermal insulation and compressive strength, then Seves glass bricks are an ideal choice for any design professional.

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